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CY Innovations Launches Advantage VBM version 2.0

14 May 2012

CY Innovations is pleased to announce the launch of Advantage VBM, a new and exciting development in Windows file management. Building on the technology of VBM, Advantage VBM offers new and improved tools to control your electronic files and information at home and at work.

Based on the original RealFS Relational File System as its core technology, Advantage VBM simplifies your file exploration with its new Explorer style interface, introduces innovative ideas including its integration with Office 2003, turbo-charges your file searching using the new Document List Filter, and now supports use by large enterprises after migration to SQL Server.

Managing Director of CY Innovations Mike McGinty says

"In an age of information over-load we wanted to start an information revolution. After years of trying, we think we're now discovering what user's and businesses really need to combat the Windows file system. It's more about providing tools which have flexibility in providing data management. Tools which our users can customise to suit their particular business systems, yet which apply some basic principles of control and commonality throughout a business or project. We think Advantage VBM may be the start of the revolution."

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