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VBM Creates Document Number 30,000 For the Iluka Douglas Project

16 December 2004

The 30,000th document for the Iluka Douglas project was created today which means that including Variants and Versions, over 38,000 files are now under VBM control.

There are 43 registered user accounts and on a daily basis up to 25 VBM users are concurrently accessing the system. File types range from Word, Outlook message files, Excel, pdf, and autocad.

The VBM implementation for this project includes an interface to QDMS, a product from QA Software which is used to handle the transmittal and delivery of documents externally to the project office.

CY Innovations is proud to note that almost all project personnel turn their computers on when they arrive for work to start up VBM, and use VBMTech all day until they are ready to leave.

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