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About CY Innovations

CY Innovations Pty. Ltd. is a privately-held Company located in sunny Perth, Western Australia. CY Innovations was founded in early 2004 after years of hard work by its founders in developing and producing innovative software technology resulting in ADVANTAGE VBM™.

CY Innovations specialises in real solutions by providing powerful software tools for business management. Our core product ADVANTAGE VBM™ features a unique technology called RealFS which turns your standard Windows file management system into a relational file system. You build context by creating relationships between your files, folders and defined events. Given the context surrounding your data you can easily capture, find and share the valuable knowledge that your business or project creates. This is the intellectual property which normally leaves your office at 5 o'clock each night.

Our Mission

CY Innovations' vision is to become the most important companion of every PC user by providing practical electronic file management solutions for use at home and in the office.

Our mission is to provide clever, practical solutions, at sensible prices, which will help make your computing experience both enjoyable and productive in this increasingly complex age of information.


CY O'Connor

CY Innovations was inspired by the vision, ingenuity and dedication of engineer Charles Yelverton (CY) O'Connor who was commissioned at the close of the 19th century to build a pipeline to pump water 350 miles from the costal city of Perth to the heart of the arid desert and rich goldfields of central Western Australia.

Worn down by the constant uninformed criticism, CY O'Connor finally succumbed and took his own life 10 months before the first water arrived in Kalgoorlie on 22 January 1903.

Today the twin cities of Kalgoorlie/Boulder are a thriving metropolis and continue to provide the lifeblood of the Western Australian economy since gold was first discovered at Kalgoorlie in 1893.

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